04/01/2019 - Grail Golf has launched a new line of .370 "collared" black ferrules. They come in three sizes - .87", .75" & .50" lengths with 3.0mm collars. These .370 collared ferrules will fit all modern .370 irons that require a collared ferrule.

​02/28/2018 ~ Grail Golf will be launching a new line of colored "collared" .355 ferrules - They will be the first colored .355 "collared" ferrules available on the market. They will be available by Aug. 1, 2018 - They will come in (3) colors - white, red and electric blue. They will come in (2) sizes: First will be .355/.87"/.560od and by the end of this year (2018) a second size will follow - .355/.75"/.560od - all will have 4.13mm collars. These will be the first and only colored .355 "collared" ferrules available on the market -They will be stunning and only available at Grail Golf!


~ Grail Golf will be launching a brand new line of premium black "collared" .355 taper tip iron ferrules on July 01,2017. These "collared" .355 ferrules will be the finest collared ferrules available and will fit almost all modern irons that require a .355 collared ferrule. There will be two sizes available: .355/.75"/.560od & .355/.87"/.560od

~ Grail Golf will be launching a new line of ultra premium black ferrules with three chrome rings in them. There will be two sizes made to start with:
~ .355/.75"/.530od  
~ .355/.87"/.520od

~ .355/.87"/.540od
These ferrules will be the finest black ferrules available at any cost and will be stunning on any set of irons.

 ~ All taper tip ferrules will have a new .365id - both premium black and colored ferrules.
~ In late Nov. 2014 we will be launching our super premium colored ferrule line in .370id
~ We have (4) new ferrule sizes now available: .355/.50/.535od, .355/.75"/.545od, .355/.87".540od & .335/.59"/.590od - they will arrive by May 27th, 2014
~ We are changing two of our super premium colors - green and burgundy - the new ones will be brighter and super vibrant.

~ Grail Golf has committed to a new increased inventory level of  500,000+ golf ferrules in stock at all times - this means almost  any order large or small will be in stock at all times. Any order over 10,000 pieces has a turn around period of 36 days.

~ Late July 2015 we will be launching a new line of .355 Ultra-Premium ringed colored ferrules - 5 colors: white, red, electric blue, lime and orange / with three stunning polished silver rings in them. They are for sets of irons that must have the finest golf ferrules on the planet installed on them - they are true golf ferrule jewelry!






Grail Golf manufactures premium custom golf ferrules - .335 wood golf ferrules, .350 wood golf ferrules, .355 iron golf ferrules and .370 iron golf ferrules. We manufacture .355 taper tip, .370 iron, .335 wood and .350 hybrid golf ferrules in 70 or more sizes - we are committed to serving all customers from the club builders to OEM golf club manufactures. We manufacture our own golf ferrules so we can beat ANY advertised price on any quantity of golf ferrules from 100 golf ferrules to over 10 million golf ferrules. We provide exceptional  customer service and superior product quality.

All of our golf ferrules are guaranteed to have the listed specifications. We have been in business since 1994 and manufacture more golf ferrule models and sizes than anyone else in the US.

Our unparalleled service, unbeatable prices, and incredible selection are why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else for their golf ferrule needs. We look forward to serving you!

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** There are two ways to order Grail Golf golf ferrules **

~ All orders less than 250 golf ferrules must be placed through Grail Golf's ebay superstore ~


~ If you would like to order more than 250 golf ferrules at a time you may order directly through our e-mail address using your Paypal account or your credit card.

~ Simply go to the final page on this website - "Place an Order" and follow the ordering instructions - It's easy and you save time and money.

Grail Golf will beat any confirmed price from any wholesaler - Guaranteed!

Whether you need 250 golf ferrules or 10 million golf ferrules - we have the finest product, the best price and the finest customer service!

Grail Golf serves club builders and club building companies of all sizes - whether you tinker with clubs in your garage, have a custom club building business or are an OEM manufacturer we have the finest product, finest service and best product price!